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The Dandelion Project Adelaide PHN - An Australian Government Initiative

The Dandelion Project

Better care for our aged care residents.

Residents of aged care have complex and chronic health problems and high medical needs and when they become ill, particularly in the after-hours period, staff often struggle to access their usual GP, increasing the likelihood of that resident being transferred to hospital when this may not be appropriate or necessary.  Seeking to break this cycle  Adelaide PHN commissioned Eldercare Inc. in Feb 2017,  to deliver the Dandelion Project  which will support GP access and availability in the after-hours period and build the capacity of staff to improve the coordination of care for residents.

The Dandelion Project is a multi-layered strategy which involves better understanding the wishes of residents and their families, training staff, liaising with residents’ GPs and working more closely with ambulance services.

Key elements include:

• Reviewing protocols around common medical practices

• Improved GP access and availability

• Falls prevention strategies

• Training for staff on cannulation and IV drips

• Resident care plans to support end of life decision making

The project commenced in February 2017 at three Eldercare sites in metropolitan Adelaide. Early indicators suggest that this program is achieving its intended outcomes and funding for the program has been extended for a further year to consolidate learnings and achievements. 

Additional Program Announcement

In early 2018, Southern Corss Care were commissioned by Adelaide PHN to also deliver extended care at three of its metropolitan sites.  Similar to Eldercare, the Southern Cross Care program will focus on enabling residents to receive the care they need in their residential home and reducing unnecessary admissions to hospital.